How To Apply For US Non-Immigrant Visa From Canada

usa statue of liberty How To Apply For US Non Immigrant Visa From CanadaOne of the advantages of living in Canada is the closeness of United States of America. Picture the world map and focus on North America.

Think of your dream destination in Uncle Sam’s territory. (Yes with imaginary pins of varying colors and meanings. Red for urgency—how about on your next birthday?)

Can you imagine yourself meeting Mickey Mouse (I know you still do) or seeing New York from the Statue of Liberty?

Don’t just imagine. Don’t fret.

If you are a temporary foreign worker or permanent resident you can apply for US non-immigrant visa from Canada.
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Star Mine Suspension Bridge: Side Trip To Fear

star mine suspension bridge Star Mine Suspension Bridge: Side Trip To FearAren’t fears supposed to go away with one-digit age.

From fear of monster underneath the bed to watching horror movies with eyes wide open.

From fear of falling from a bike to riding on a 100-horsepower motorcycle.

That’s what I thought.

Until I stood in front of the Star Mine Suspension Bridge. I remember something—instantly. I was reminded by my stiffened legs that I have fear of crossing bridges.
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