How To Renew Philippine Passport In Canada

Philippine Flag How To Renew Philippine Passport In CanadaBy far writing a blog post on how to renew Philippine passport in Canada has taken so much of my time researching.

But then I know it is all worthwhile for all the Filipinos who need information to have a valid passport which serve as an ID for an indefinite period (have you considered getting a driver’s license or provincial ID?) till they get the permanent resident (PR) card or the much-awaited Canadian citizenship card.
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How To Renew Philippine Passport In Vancouver (Part 2)

I’m guessing you are determined (and even excited) to embark on a journey and already reading the Part 2 of “How to Renew Philippine Passport in Vancouver” to pick up some guides on how to get to the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver.

Well, you’re in the right place. But first make sure that you didn’t skip the first two steps in Part 1:

  1. Completing all the requirements.
  2. Booking an appointment online.

Double check everything. Remember it’s all about planning. You can make the trip worthwhile and if you have a limited time to explore the city the following last two steps will help you accomplish the task in no time.

Let’s start the journey!
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How To Renew Philippine Passport In Vancouver (Part 1)

Philippine Passport Biometric How To Renew Philippine Passport In Vancouver (Part 1)Every Filipino newcomer or immigrant has an important question to ask at some point: how to renew Philippine Passport in Canada?

Because personal appearance is required, you can renew your passport in the Philippine Consulates in Toronto or Vancouver or wait for the Consular Outreach Program in your province.

If you choose or thinking of renewing your passport in Vancouver, this two-part post is your guide.

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014: Protection Components Failure

I always wait for Boxing Day every year. While waiting for Christmas Eve dinner, I’m on my laptop watching the online countdown for one reason: to get the best deal of Kaspersky Anti-Virus. I was able to purchase Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 in minutes. Sad to say, I spent days installing the anti-virus.

The message “Protection components: some are disabled” appeared in the main window. (If you see this message don’t bother updating the database. It’s no use.)
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The Long (And Tricky) Search Of Canadian Bank Rates

hiding parrot The Long (And Tricky) Search Of Canadian Bank RatesIt takes me a lot of time to write a blog post. Researching, writing, and browsing about absolutely unrelated topics consume my time. But it has a bright side: another blog post. (With luck, I could probably write it in less time. There’s the nagging voice again: it’s about habit not fate.)

When I was researching on how to max out TFSA with high rates, I also have to search the Canadian bank rates. Some of the links were elusive, if not, the account types are often too many to choose from.
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Max Out Your TFSA With High Interest Rate

max out tfsa Max Out Your TFSA With High Interest RateI started the year having much interest with personal finance especially now that I have a customized financial spreadsheet; tracking expenses and investment is less tedious. It’s time to develop the habit of updating (and don’t forget: backing up the files).

And I will do so with appealing numbers—high interest rates of TFSA (Tax-Free Savings Account) of Canadian banks. I wasn’t aware of this great news till I received the email from ING. If you are a client already, you can max out your TFSA with high interest rate for a limited time.
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It Has To End This Way. (No Buts, Ifs, and Next Year.)

railroad tracks It Has To End This Way. (No Buts, Ifs, and Next Year.)I had a holiday rush these past few weeks. It’s not about gifts. (I’m still frugal yet wiser. I dealt with gift shopping faster than last year.) I signed up for an invaluable task with a deadline: organizing files in fancy folders complete with labels and envelopes.

Not everyone has the time and the spirit to organize in the last two weeks of the year when sales and gatherings are anticipated more than ever. But I did. I have to because it’s hard to squeeze the seemingly-simple-yet-procrastinated task comes the new year. It must happen this year.
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Book Review: The Alchemist

the alchemist Book Review: The AlchemistThe Alchemist is the first novel I’ve read by the author Paulo Coelho. I wouldn’t forget this book because I felt like a child again filled with excitement in discovering the world within the pages. It is the time that I trusted myself and the book. We are both embarking on a journey that can end whenever I please.

But I had that emotion primarily because the main character is also a child: a boy named Santiago who spent his day as a shepherd looking after a herd of sheep. In an early stage of his life, he has learned to embrace responsibility of other living things. So natural that he became good at it and expect nothing more in life: comfort and safety in familiarity. Then fate found its way to complicate his life. He kept on dreaming about a treasure kept in the pyramids of Egypt. The dream was so persistent that he was convinced of the treasures existence.
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The Best Advice For Newcomers You Cannot Miss

happy toddler The Best Advice For Newcomers You Cannot MissI never like the sound of phones. When it rings I ran or hide the other direction—avoiding to become the reluctant messenger jotting down notes or remembering messages for somebody.

Except on the crucial day: my departure.

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3 Canadian Government Agencies And Departments Every Newcomer Should Know By Now

canadian government agency 3 Canadian Government Agencies And Departments Every Newcomer Should Know By Now If you dream of living in Canada or you already made it, make sure to acquaint yourself with the Canadian government agencies and departments. I shouldn’t have waited too long. I should have been like a diligent student making sure of not missing any important information.

That was my regret and shouldn’t be yours either. I have chosen the following websites among the list of Canadian government agencies and departments. This isn’t probably the first time you’ve been encouraged (and maybe still didn’t heed the advice), but this time, I’ll give reasons why you must start learning and acting now.
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