Find All The US Embassy And Consulate In Canada

Where was the last time you’ve been to a place for a vacation in the US?

Without hassle. Every luck is on your side.

I was lucky enough to caught Micky Mouse and the rest of the gang in Disneyland Resort (and had unequal distribution of tan here and there).

But before I was able to cross the border as a temporary foreign worker, I had to apply for a non-immigrant visa.

The lightning luck didn’t miss me when I searched for the list of US Embassy and Consulate in Canada.
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How To Renew SIN Card In Calgary

After successfully submitting the application for permanent resident eventually the interview followed (maybe a year or less) from the date of submission.

A few days after the interview I was able to renew my Alberta Health Care Insurance Card using the Confirmation of Permanent Resident issued by the CIC.

Then what did I do next?

I waited. And find out the answer on “how to renew SIN card in Calgary?”
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Travel Hack: List Of C-Train Stations In Calgary With Addresses

Over the years, I learn to get around the city of Calgary. And in between the weekend walkabout, delays, and getting lost, I knew that I’ll always be a newcomer—there’s just so much to do and see.

Well, that’s just me admitting to be a wanderlust. That I can’t change.

And in all my trips in Calgary, there’s one more truth that I cannot change:

The C-Train Stations in Calgary is a good point of reference.

And you might agree with me. City Hall Station is my favorite station to start with. But often times I have a problem we might all share with: finding the address of a C-Train station.
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How To Apply As Caregiver In Canada From The Philippines

Ever since I joined expat online communities and had interviews, I’ve been receiving emails and messages on Facebook on how to apply as caregiver in Canada from the Philippines.

caregiver in canada1 jpg How To Apply As Caregiver In Canada From The Philippines

I’ve given answers, short ones when you compare it to the colossal topic of working overseas. As promised I’m setting free this post out in the wide, wild blogosphere.

What’s in it for you?
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