Npolls Makes Earning And Answering Surveys Easy

For quite some time, I’ve been answering surveys in my iPhone through NPolls in spare time. And the best part is that I get paid; thus, I decided to write a brief review about this free survey iPhone app.

npolls iphone and ipad app

Npolls For All The Survey Lovers

If you like answering polls but doesn’t have patience to answer questions for more than 15 minutes then this application rise to the occasion. Here are the reasons why I like this mobile app:

  1. Polls are short and will only typically take about 2 minutes.
  2. The topics are interesting.
  3. You can view the result a few days after.
  4. A notification appears for any opportunity.
  5. Payout ($10 is the current rate as of this writing) is transferred to your PayPal account.

How To Earn Fast

The current rate per survey is $0.20 but varies every now and then. There are times you wouldn’t earn anything if you don’t participate. However, at some point, which is very seldom, you can earn beyond the current rate and if that is the case you should participate as soon as possible while it is still available. Opportunity such as this wouldn’t last that long.

I get into habit of checking NPolls in morning. Lately, after I’ve received my first payment, surveys become rare, still I keep on glancing and don’t have the slightest intention of removing this mobile application. I’ll continue participating since it doesn’t bother me no matter how long it will take to reach the payout.

It took me 78 surveys to see the payment proof in my PayPal account. Did I just discourage you after all the positive feedback? You shouldn’t be in my opinion Other survey sites reward you with points; whereas, NPolls gives you cash which then you can use in online shopping or transfer it to your bank account for a real cash.  No redemption required. It goes straight to your account.

Should we make a poll on how much you like my post or your willingness to try?

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